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Why we Exist?

Stimulating positive outcomes and creating true behaviour change requires motivational rewards that are personally meaningful.

Our services allow you to retain customers by rewarding them for their repeat purchase behaviour.

The Reward Shop Is a local based 100% BEE owned marketing, rewards and loyalty solution.

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About Us

The Rewards Shop creates back to back customer experiences with a complete suite of services. We create the opportunity for real brand interaction which is designed to create a meaningful moment and ultimately drive advocacy and long term customer growth.

As thought leaders in the industry, we ensure your business is set up for success, starting with a customer-centric program built collaboratively with your business and financial objectives in mind. Bringing the latest digital and consumer behaviour expertise to create campaigns that engage customers throughout their customer journey.

We analyse your customer's behaviour, grant custom rewards and trigger personalised messages driving your customers back, increasing their frequency of visit, and boosting their spending.

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Our Services

Our offering consists of a number of reward based solutions for your company that will provide an innovative competitive edge. These include campaigns that will enhance brand loyalty, retention and provide sales uplift.


Loyalty Program

We will enhance your brand with rewards, incentives and transactions that build value rather than just define value


Increased Consumer Base

We know that customers convert and spend more money with the brands they are loyal to and these customers also tell their friends and colleagues about those brands , too which drives referral traffic


Surprise & Delight Marketing Campaigns

Aims to attract and nurture consumer relations by providing unexpected rewards. It is designed to increase customer loyalty and engagement while reducing churn